App Tour

Take a deep dive and learn how everything in the app works, how to use it, and have an amazing experience.

The main screen of the app is the Sounds screen. This screen is where you can find all sounds, brainwaves and music.

To select a sound, just tap on it and it will get added to the mixer.

After selecting a sound (or more), a floating bar will appear on the bottom of the screen, this bar is the mixer bar.

By tapping the mixer bar, a new screen will appear from which you can start mixing the sounds to your liking. If you’d like, you can also save your mix by tapping on Save Mix. You can find all your saved mixes on the Mixes screen.

To play a saved mix go to the Mixes tab and tap on your mix.

To rename or delete a saved mix, go to the Mixes tab, and find your mix. Tap the 3 dots and a menu will appear.

In the profile tab, you will be able to:

  • Manage your subscription (upgrade to premium, restore previous purchases, and cancel)


  • Set a bedtime reminder


  • Change notifications settings


  • Manage storage, (downloaded sounds)


  • Enable/disable haptic touch


  • Change the Sounds screen layout (Hanged or Listed)


As well as contact support and more