Soothing sounds for
sleep and relaxation

Choose from more than 150 sounds, music and brainwaves  ⎯  Mix and match to create your perfect ambience.

Sleep better

Listen to sleep sounds and fall asleep faster

Our app will aid you in sleeping better by improving a few aspects of your sleep throughout the night.

Fall asleep faster

Stay asleep longer

Wake up feeling refreshed

Mix and match

Create your perfect ambience

You can combine sounds and adjust each sound’s volume to create and save your own mix.

Endless combinations

Tailored just for you

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Timers and fade out

No interruptions throughout the night

Set a timer that will fade out the sounds to ensure you stay asleep throughout the entire night.

No abrupt changes in volume

Save your phone’s battery

Ensure deep sleep

Don’t take our word for it

Read what people had to say

People report having better sleep listening to sleep sounds, white noise and relaxing music.


The SleepMaster app is designed to help people improve their sleep quality by providing a range of relaxing sounds, music and brainwaves along with other features aimed at enhancing sleep habits and promoting restful nights.

  1. Listening to white noise or soothing sleep sounds can help your brain relax and sleep better by blocking out noises that you can’t control.
  2. Continuous and repetitive sounds help the brain relax and get into a calm rhythm
  3. Quiet, steady sounds like rain or a distant airplane can make you less alert and help you fall asleep
The app is entirely free to download and use to improve your sleep. However, not all content will be accessible unless you upgrade to the Premium plan. Purchasing a Premium plan will unlock the entire library and all current and future features.

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